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We are advised to check an artisan's credentials when employing but wondered what protection the SIRET number or the artisan being correctly registered with the various agencies actually gives us should it all go pear shaped!
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All the SIRET number tells you is that the person is legally registered, so you will not be liable for illegally employing them. It is not a guarantee of the quality of their work.

You can check the validity of the number HERE

However, I have sometimes found that someone is not registered for the actual work they are doing. For example, someone who advertises locally for building work and hire of a digger has a number which gives their main activity as "Fabrication de charpentes et d'autres menuiserie".

I'm not sure if he would be considered as working legally if his digger were involved in an accident causing severe damage or personal injury, so perhaps it would be best to check that the description corresponds reasonably well with what they are actually doing.

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