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Carte de long sejour: valid from when ??


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I assume you mean Visa de long séjour. There are different types depending on your reason for coming to France

I think it will be from when you first arrive in France as you can request a visa up to three months before you arrive.

But there are a lot of other conditions to fulfil e.g.


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I certainly mean Visa de long sejour.

We have had our Cottage in Correze since 2016, but due to obligations in the Uk have been prevented from moving over permanently.

Now, with the application in the first instance of a 12 month Visa, I was just curious when that Visa became valid, as in from first issue at the Embassy or when entering France. Naturally if on entering France, the 12 Month period is 12 Months, opposed to if it became active from when issued at the Embassy, but isn't actually used for travel for a few Months.

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