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Some questions re application for Carte Sejour Permanente


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We have been resident in France for 6 years but have only just joined the forum and have questions regarding application process.

1: regarding “proof of the date we moved to France”. Examples given do not appear to make sense. The “ certificate of ownership” proves only the date we bought the property, not that we have lived there. The “ home insurance contract “ only shows that we live there now.....or do they want copies of the contract for the last 5 years?

2: regarding “ proof of resources”, do they want a copy of the French tax notice for each of the last 5 years?

Or do they want a copy of our French or British bank statements?

We are retired and all our income (pensions,etc.) originates in the U.K. and we transfer money as and when we need it

3: what is a “recent health insurance attestation?”

We have had Cartes Vitales for 6 years but have never taken out a “mutuel” top-up policy.Do we have to take out such a policy?
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There have been a number of answers to some of these questions if you manage  to get the search function working; but quickly:

3) No Mutuelle needed just the evidence of the CV
2) Your Avis d'impostiin for the  last 5 years is what they are after, but in any case you will have had to declare all your income when you made youe declaration even if it wasn't taxable in France

that you  may have  filled in when you came here would serve as giving a date of moving.
Utility bills can help to show continuous residence

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I'm not sure from where you are quoting these requirements, as there will apparently be no means available to apply for a Titre de Séjour until later this year, see:

To attempt to answer your questions, when we applied for our first T de S, in July 2017, we supplied the following for each of your items:

1. Copy of our first tax return, on which we stated our date of arrival here, plus copies of our  Taxe d'Habitation demands for the previous 5 years.

2. Copies of our current sources of income - pension statements, other income statements, plus our last 5 Avis d'Impôts.

3. Printout of our CPAM attestations. Available from your espace personnel on the Ameli site.

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) If you have followed through on the removing yourself from the UK tax system - regardless that your income comes from the UK, you pay tax here and should have formalised your exit - that is proof that you have left.  They were happy to have the attestation of the house purchase, but it was too old for their purposes.

2) French impots, memory tells me that it is the annual form you get once  you start declaring, they want 5 years.  Cannot remember whether they wanted French bank accounts, I think not, and certainly did not want UK ones.

What they did want is proof of continuing receipt of pensions, so

letters awarding pensions ... ie that your income is secured into the

future.  They did not ask for full translations, so I just translated

the relevant bits, so they understood that. And amounts. 

3) Carte vitales are sufficient.  As mutuelles are not obligatory, they cannot ask for them.

You will need also to provide 6mthly bills from memory EDF / water/ telephone bills .. they can be a combination .. for 5 years.  This also proves you are resident ..

They were not interested in our UK bank accounts, if you are filling in the French tax forms correctly, you will  have reported these, and they can find this out if they need.

Usual proofs of ID, marriage etc (sometimes they want translations though they are not supposed to need them).

Hope that helps.  It's a while since I did ours, and I have not yet applied via the new form.  Both retired and here 10 years or over, with only UK finance and  healthcare like you.  We got 10 year cards.

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Start by looking at nomoss' link.  Then go on the website, now active, and follow the instructions.

It might well be that you will need all the evidence others on this thread have quoted.  To fill in the online form, however, you get specific instructions on the documents you need.  I get the feeling that they are going to need more documents at the time of your RV at the préfecture.

For the online application, you only need to upload (from memory, 4 bits of evidence), indeed there is no provision to download anymore.  Once you have filled it in, you just sit back, as discussed elsewhere on the forum, until you get a communication from your own préfecture telling you what else, if anything, you need to produce.  For certain, you will need photos and they will take your finger prints.

I think the procedure will be simplified from how things were in the past.  I think this because the sheer weight of numbers and deadlines will come into play.  But don't rely on what "I think", the French and their bureaucracy do not always follow the most logical paths[:)]

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ALBF, the new website IS open and has been for several weeks[:P]

Once you have filled in the form, you get an automated reply from them with a unique number for your case.

Edit:  CORRECTION.  Apologies, I was getting mixed up with my websites![8-)]  ALBF is right in that yet another website will be open in July.  To clear up any misunderstanding, I used the website that was opened, assuming no-deal.  However, nomoss' link did say that if you have applied under that earlier website, you have NO NEED to re-submit another application because your previous one has been taken into account and your préfecture will be contacting you "in due course" ......whenever that might be!

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There is now a comprehensive update, Applying for a carte de séjour under the Withdrawal Agreement - what we know so far (and what we don't), on the France Rights web site

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Pomme, I am delighted to see that the whole process ought to be simpler, as I had hoped.

The last time I was getting stuff ready, it took me days!  Then, just when I'd got every bit of paper sorted and filed and tabulated, they were no longer giving RVs!  I am really fed up now and just want it all to be over and done with.

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[quote user="pomme"]There is now a comprehensive update, Applying for a carte de séjour under the Withdrawal Agreement - what we know so far (and what we don't), on the France Rights web site


I get a message that the page doesn't exist.

Maybe it hasn't been updated to take new developments into account.

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BinB, I followed your advice back in January (or whenever it was) and filled in my form on the then current site.  I just couldn't bear the uncertainty any longer, especially as I have some pretty big things to do this year.

I am very glad that I did because now I know the application is in, it's taken a load off my mind.  This was something that nagged and nagged at me.  Just come on here to say thanks again[:)]

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[quote user="Daft Doctor"]Hi nomoss, I found the page no problem going directly via the link. Very useful information.[/quote]

It works for me too now. I guess they were updating it on the couple of times I tried, I received different messages, but not the current page.

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[quote user="BritinBretagne"]Yet again CT is muddying the waters by quoting from the dim and distant past on a subject that has undergone a huge change.

Only the very recent information is of any relevance whatsoever.[/quote]

Thank you for bringing that to my attention, it appears I posted into the wrong thread. It was intended as a response to the comments about "New life in the sun" and Quillan. Unfortunately I can't move my post so I have removed the text and posted it into the correct thread.
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My CdS arrived by registered post this morning, a pleasant surprise. I had, like many, applied on line, back in October and received a number. Several moths later I received another number stating the application was with my sous-prefecture and my card would be posted, it's here!!!

I had (have) a current CdS that I applied for several years ago in anticipation of having to apply for the permanent one. That was on the advice of HMG. Having completed all that was required back then I haven't had to go anywhere or do anything since applying on line for the permanent card. I don't have to return the old card or acknowledge anything (my signature on the registered post is enough of receipt I suppose) All very painless as it turned out!
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