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one French speaking teleseller required (not 'typical' telesales!)

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I would have liked this role, but unfortunately I don't speak French. A friend in the UK with an ad' agency is looking for a French speaking 'marketing' or 'creative' type person who MUST be either in the UK (UK based would be best) or registered as self employed in France. The role is freelance but not commission based (ie the rate is hourly) so you must be set up to invoice as a freelance or self employed person. It's not a typical selling role as its nothing tacky and but as a marketing type person is required and work is phone based I've described it as telesales. I think they are ideally looking for a graduate. Please send email reply in the first instance detailing in brief, experience, situation etc. Sadly only a few hours work per week at the moment but very good rate.         
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