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Really silly question..


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We have one gite and a pool.  Until now we have only provided

towels, for a small charge, for winter weekenders when the pool has

been shut.  Next week however we have a family of two adults and

two small children arriving for one week - and we have agreed to

provide towels.  The beeg question is - how many.  I was

thinking of 4 hand towels, 4 bath towels and 4 pool towels.  How

many towels do other people provide?  Would my suggested 12 towels

be adequate or a bit mingy?

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The ONLY optional extra we have is bed linen and towels. The French will book without them (they are driving and bring their own) the others are not going to bring their own. We always have angst about whether we have provided enough (we do tea towels  for the kitchen and hand towels in the loos anyway !).

There is a charge (11 euros pp for towels and bed linen) but the weekly rental price reflects that.

We HATE having extras, but the French market is quite polarised about towels / bed linen.





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This is the number we would provide. We don't charge extra for towels

or linen. Many of our guests drive, but equally many fly and many

airlines are more minded these days to charge stupid numbers for an

additional bag, so it seems unreasonable to expect guests to bring it

with them.

Although French and Dutch guests may be well used to providing their

own, it doesn't necessarily follow (certainly from the comments we've

had) that they are not quite pleased at not having to load their cars

with the contents of their linen cupboards.

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We provide towels, tea towels, linen including cots, eben cleaning cloths.

This afternoon I am taking the kids up to Royan to join my parents in a villa by the sea. There are no duvets, towels, linen, pillows - or even an iron! The car is packed full. If I was travelling from the UK I would have discounted it straight away and booked one with bedding.
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I don't think this is a silly question at all, in fact it's one that we have been debating just recently.

Up until now we have provided unlimited towels and bedding however just recently (since the introduction of the swimming pool) we have noticed some abuse of this service. Our cleaner is now complaining that she sometimes ends up with 4 or 5 loads of towels to wash and guests sleeping in more than one bed ! Therefore we have decided to lock the linen and towels away and supply just two hand towels and one bath towel per bathroom free with the option of additional towels at a small cost.

I know it sounds mean but I have to pay for my cleaner  and I can't think of another way round it 

We have modern washing and drying facilities which the guests can use should they wish to have a fresh towel each day.

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