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Pooling of Gite bookings-Ariege/ Midi Pyrenees.


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Does anyone out there fancy pooling bookings in the Midi pyrenees region. I am currently fully booked for mid July to Mid September 2007 as well as other odd weeks and would be happy to refer any overspill enquiries to other Gite owners, who have availability, in a reciprocal arrangement.

Also some BnB's in the Mid France region along the Orleans-Toulouse corridor would be handy, we are always being asked for recommended stop-over points for our guests.

I welcome any ideas on this.
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Now that's what I call sensible.

We have always done it for many years with local folks. It never usually works out equal

but that doesn't matter, filling odd weeks or days, that one would

perhaps not have filled is the most important thing is exchanging overs.

 The fairly important thing, is to make sure that anyone in the ring so to speak, pays an equal amount for advertising. We have been lumbered, on occasion, by someone wanting  to exchange overs but having barely any advertising of their own in place.

The way you plan on doing it, is good as well, it is not quite what we have done but it is still useful.

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Well here is my list of advertising if anyone wants to know:


Owner direct








all the seasons



+Lots more smaller sites/forum sites etc.

Some of the above are very good, some rubbish!!

It's a matter of trial and error.

A good web site is a must for me too.
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the way it works in South Africa,  between all, or most, of the b&b/self catering,safaris, car rentals...  is that for each referral, a 10% commission is paid. we do it with our b&b, at the end of the season you just balance what you own/must pay to each other....

maybe it could work the same here (maybe excluding the months of July/August) ?


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