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I have just joined the forum & read with interest postings concerning gites  and B&Bs  and the tax & social charges

We made our first tax decleration this year & will be running a 2 bed chambres d'hotes next year 

we also have a cottage that will either be a longterm let or ' gite'

Our estimated earnings for the B&B are 3500- 5000 €   Cottage 5000€ ( long term)   5000- 7000 (gite)

this will give us  projected earnings of between 8 500- 12000€ 

 My question is what will be declared as our ' main income'  ( gite or B&B) & what should we expect in social changes ?

 Is there a big difference if the property is a long term rental  V gite?

 some of the postings re social charges & gites make it appear that long term rental is  better  it certainly wouldnt be worth us renting our cottage as a gite if over half our rental had to be paid as social charges


in addition do we have to register as a 'micro'?


apologises if these questions have been asked a thousand times & thank you for reading this posting!

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