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acccomodation around lot - la capelle marival 46120 dec to mar approx


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I am renovating a cottage in the above area in the winter of 06/07 I would like to rent a small rural gite ,with linen etc ,spend no more than 500eu per month ,exclud heating (self and wife ),english tv and telephone would be great - urgent please


Tony Gelder 

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Read some of the threads regards evicting tenants, bad payers, etc, and it may explain the reluctance of some gite owners to engage you.  By all accounts, the rules in France are heavily disposed in favour of the tenants, particularly in winter months. Not saying you won't get anywhere, but may be difficult obtaining a long let, without some heavy security be put down first.  Expect to have to supply verified references, good sized deposit, etc etc.  There are people here who know a lot more about it than me, but just as a starter for 10, it might help.
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Have a look at www.gites-de-france.com for gites in your area. 3 epie gites usually have heating and all mod cons (the ones we've rented have been excellent). You should be able to negotiate rent for the winter months quite cheaply as most gite owners like to have tenants!

It probably wont have English TV but you may be able to get permission to fix a sat dish temporarily.

Good luck.
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