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hi there, I paid my dues but have never had one booking, beware  there are alot of these that say this but usually never live up to expecations!!!! but there again we are a B and B but they said the same to us so I don't judge  its up to you but its my expierience   regards
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I was impressed by their TV advert that they display on their website, and I signed up (was offered a cheap deal, about 20 Euros I think?).

Anyway, haven't had a single enquiry - can't remember when I signed up but it was ages ago!!! (A year?).

Maybe it is more successful for apartments in spain, but not for gites in rural france. I don't know, but I won't be renewing....

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I live in Ireland and have never heard of them or seen any of their adds. I have got almost  all of my reservations this year through a well known (in Ireland) rental website which charges approx €60 I think. PM me if you want the name.
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