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Best websites to register with?

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I agree with Phil about doing a search on this forum first.

This is quite a very popular question on this forum. You will get lots of different opinions.

Not all sites are the same, for me, Chez Nous although very  big do provide me with a lot of business, but they do cost an arm and a leg.

A lot of people have had little success with them, also their customer service to advertisers is a bit lacking.

They hae a brochure and a website, but the deadline forthe brochure is August the year before.

I also use the free sites, but to be honest most of them are a waste of time.

Good Luck.




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if you are interested in the french market cap location is inexpensive   less than 50 eurs a year & generates 90 % of our business in august

your local office de tourisme is a good starting point too

we have had good results from perfect places BUT our website is generating most business  at the moment


  Good  Luck

as for free sites on the whole not worth  the time spent typing out your details!

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Have a look at www.laymyhat.com

They are a dedicated website for holiday home owners with a dedicated

section for advertising. It's a question that has naturally been asked

several times before, and trawling through their posts and replies will

probably give you a few good tips.

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