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Advertising on Holiday Havens


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We were advertising on, among others, Holiday Havens website .  It used to produce a respectable number of enquiries and enough bookings to easily justify it's inclusion in our budget.

It's not there any more!

Sites that actually produce bookings are not that easy to find, so can anyone recommend something to fill the gap in our advertising left by this site's disappearance?





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thanks Itf, I really appreciate that feedback.

The availability calendar is a downside to this particular website in that it can only cope with one property, not all three.  Hopefully the designer might be able to incorporate this feature in the future.  On reflection (and thanks to your comments as until now I had ignored the problem!), I have changed it to show my weeks when all three gites are  booked and left 'available' anything where I have one of the gites free. Not perfect, but an interim solution.

For anyone who wants to build a really easy website, but has no technical knowledge whatsover and is too intimidated to start, this was such an easy website to put together.  It is from the www.independentowners.com website and your website address becomes www.(yournameorwhatever).iowners.net .  Unlike other advertising websites, it does not link back to the Independent Owners website so you can (a) point interested renters in its direction without fear they will wander off and look at other properties and (b) because it doesn't link, other advertising websites that we use don't have a problem with us adding it to our adverts.  There are a couple of downsides, in that there is no counter available to see how many hits we are getting, although I have been told that facility is coming, and the availability on multi-property.  At least I have full control of content and can change at will.

PS   I have no connection whatsover with IO, just a happy customer!





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Thanks to Itf's comments, I was dragged out of apathy and prompted to e-mail Independent Owners this morning to ask about the availability chart problem.

I received a phonecall back within two hours (certain other websites could learn a thing or two about that for customer service!).  IO say that they will be launching a 'mark two' version of the sites hopefully in July, and it will be address both the availability and the 'counting' issue, along with other improvements that have been suggested by their users.

Keep up the good service, IO!

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Thanks Judy for the information about Independent Owners. This site is just what I need. Plus, having read they are launching a 'mark two' version is all the more encouraging as they obviously listen to what people want from a website.
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