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Forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place.

We are slowly picking up some renters for our house in France, although just know it is mostly family, friends or colleagues. As part payment they agree to tend to the garden but due to the sporadic visits the grass can get to the ridiculous size and they spend ages getting it down to a decent size. It also isn't good for the grass.

The house is just outside La Haye du Puits, Manche and if any is available to help (obviously payment would be agreed) then I would be delighted to hear from you. Otherwise does anyone have the name of a local oddjob man/company that they could reccomend.



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Sorry I cant help but I am in the exact same position and wondered if anyone knows someone that can cut my lawn (approx 4500 sqm) on a regular basis to keep it presentable. I am in dept 89 Etais La Sauvin (only just down the road from the town of Clamecy dept 58 and not far from Cosne sur Loire.

Plesae contact me if any one can help


Many thanks


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