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It does not rain, it pours!!!!


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and I'm not talking just about the weather...

A really nice young couple has rented in the gite for a week.

They got lost on the way here on Saturday, as some local roads had been closed longer than advertised to allow a car rally stage to take place and they did not arrive until 8:30.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse: constant wind and rain since Sunday morning and daytime temp down to 10°.

They have a 5 year-old and a 5 month-old baby who was taken ill on Sunday night.

On the way back from the doctor's late this afternoon, the father lost the exhaust pipe on his car.

His insurance has asked him to contact a garage 30km away.

In the meantime, Mr Clair had left for work in the car and I was unable to collect the baby to bring her back to the house.

They've just been dropped off by the garage tow-truck and are left without transport until their car is repaired.

I just feel sorry for them...

I have put the baby's washing through the dryer, suggested they lit a fire, given them a bottle of wine and told them I'd drive them to the garage as soon as their car is ready...

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Clair, that is so sad. The weather here in Dordogne has been dreadful as well. I feel so sorry for holiday makers that wait all year for their summer break and have to spend it in such miserable conditions. I hope the poor family staying in your gite get a little sunshine and good luck before they have to go back home and back to work. I can imagine how you must feel for them. [:(]

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Clair, I have only just found this thread. Please tell how the week went for your unfortunate family?

If we were in the gite line then I hope that we would have done the same as you!! Retirement is a much easier way of earning a living, though you have to put the work time in to get there. We certainly did...

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Their insurance paid for a taxi to help them collect their car

We offered them them more wood and they managed to go out twice during the week, despite the dreadful weather.

They left on a warm and sunny Saturday morning, after having their first, and last, family breakfast on the terrace.

I offered them a discount on a 2008 booking, if they felt inclined to try again, but I doubt they'll take me up on it... [:(]

All was not lost for them though, as they had booked a mobile home in a campsite for the following week, which ended up being the nicest week of the summer! [:)]
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