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Maybe another renting scam

Lynn Jennings

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Hello to all - I am new here and only found this website after googling our wonderful Dr Sebastien, with whom I have been in email contact for a few days! It was making all my alarm bells go off and I am so glad to have it all confirmed. Here is an excerpt from the last email I got - as you can see it matches others exactly. The amazing thing is that a number of expat friends (including a local bar owner) all gave their considered opinion that it was a genuine enquiry, despite the inconsistencies.

'Merci pour l'information Ranson, et moi vous ferons connaître dès que le paiement de location seront font pour envoyer à l'information que vous m'avez donné, l'adresse d'espoir vous m'avez donné est où nous dirigeons le paiement de location emballons du moreso de confussion j'aurai besoin de votre numéro de téléphone entrant en contact pour discuter d'un certain point au sujet de la façon dont bloqué le secteur de la propriété est également moi aimera savoir équipez les salles de la maison, parce que mon épouse utilisera quelques appareils ménagers dans la maison et également j'ai le livre pour quelques articles d'un homme en Europe que j'emploierai quand ma famille a pour arriver dans la maison, vous peux the information Ranson, and i will let you know as soon as the rental payment have been make send to the information you gave me, hope address you gave me is where we are directing the rental payment incase of confussion moreso i will need your contacting phone number to discuss some matter concerning how secure the area of the property is also i will like to know how equip the rooms of the house, because my wife will be using some home appliances in the house and also i have book for some items from a man in europe which i will be using when my family has arrive in the house, you can contact the items vendeur par l'intermédiaire d'espoir d'allhome.appliances@fastermail.com de lire de vous le meilleur souvenir plus tôt Sebastien'


I am sure I will learn much more from you all - I am only just opening my gite in Calvados, having moved to France a year ago.


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Hi Jonathan

When he emailed me I too asked for a copy of his identity and a copy of utility bill, guess what I'm still waiting because he has obviously gone on to other people.

Just to let you all know the 'Cheque and Credit Clearing Co have changed their rules on the time limit of clearing a cheque and also better protection for the consumer, see below:


Website:  www.chequeandcredit.co.uk

2-4-6 changes to cheque clearing

The 2-4-6 changes set a maximum time limit of two, four and six working days for each of the stages after paying in a cheque to a current or basic bank account. The changes cover cheques, bankers' drafts, bankers' cheques and building society cheques paid in to sterling current and basic bank accounts.

For savings accounts the maximum time limit for withdrawal is longer (6 days, rather than 4).

Benefits for businesses and consumers

From the end of November 2007, changes known as 2-4-6 will come into force. These will increase clarity and certainty when you are paying in cheques to a bank or building society account.

For the first time, after paying in a cheque, you can be sure that at the end of six working days, the money is yours. You are protected from any loss if the cheque subsequently bounces, unlessyou are a knowing party to a fraud. The changes also set maximum times when customers start earning interest on money paid in and when it will be available for withdrawal.

Hope this is of some use.

Don't know if you are safe if they actually stop the cheque as opposed to it bouncing.

Regards Lynn

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I am going to email him to see what he plans to do.  maybe you should keep him interested too for a laugh?


I am concerned that they try to find out exactly where the property is and then break in!  In the email he was asking if I lived nearby!!!



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I was concerned about a break-in too. He asked me about how secure the house was, as they wanted to bring some 'home appliances'! I told him I lived next door in the same building and the whole property was protected by electronic gates. Not that they would ever find this place without specific instructions. But I have not heard any more now since I said that I would take the whole correspondence plus any cheque they  might send to the police.
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oh my god,

it is too late, what do i do?

i thought this was a real renter asking to book for 3 months in the spring next year.  i have been communicating for some weeks infact and i have offered my acount details last week.  any sugestions?  even the emails are the same and i am now very afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yes I intend to report via Interpol who can track the ISP of the account and also the telephone number given as this will provide some information as to Dr Sebastien.

Even the phone can be traced within the mobile "cell" it is operating in.



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