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advertising direct to dutch and belgium markets


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Hi everyone,

I know this has been covered before and I have done a search, but can I find the info??? nope!!  Last yr sometime, there was a discussion on advertising direct to the Dutch and Belgian markets via their publications/websites etc, at the time a couple places to advertise were mentioned, but I cannot find the info anywhere.  Does anyone out there remember the sites or have any suggestions on where to advertise to target this market please. We already advertise to French and English markets on a number of sites.  Many thanks in advance


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Hi Jetlag

I have 2 gites in the Aude (dept 11) near Limoux/Quillan and in the last 4 years and the majority of my clients are Belgian, Dutch and French. I advertise to these markets on the following reasonably priced websites: www.bonjour.nl and www.alassy.nl where you can give your text in English and they will translate into Dutch for you. I also advertise in Homelidays.com where you have the choices of languages but from this site my clientele is mostly French and Spanish.

Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck with the advertising.

RuthMcG at www.southfranceselfcatering.com



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