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Is there a business opportunity for posh camping in France?

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It sounds like it is an absolute bargain.  I can see why people would go for this in droves.  Here's a quote for a couple and a child staying for a weekend in one of these "luxury" tents.

Your reservation:
Location:Bouncers Farm Essex
Arrival:Friday august 8, 2008
Departure:Monday august 11, 2008
Accommodation:1 x Tent, weekend 08/08 - 11/08395.00 
 2 adults (12 years or older) 
 1 child (2 - 11 years) 
Reservation & Administration Costs15.00 
£ 410.00
3 persons: Bed Linen.17.25 
On-line booking discount-15.00 
Cancellation Insurance5.15% of 410.0021.12 

Transaction Cost3.00 
Total amount
£ 436.37

A smidge under 150 quid a night.  Please get behind me in the queue.  [Www]

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I cant remember where it is, its somewhere between Albi and Spain (now there is the start of a usefull post eh?!) but I was stopped at a traffic light for roadworks (must have been close to the border as i wasnt stopped on the motorway) on my last trip to spain and could look down into a camp-site that had several big chalets, loads of teepees and quite a few yurts too. All very ethnic and traditional, but I spied what looked to be a couple of maids / cleaners moving between the tents carrying towels and stuff. Looked like an up-market campsite for trendies to me.


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