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I hope I am not going to break any Forum rules with this posting...

Has anyone advertised through these people?

If you have, have you actually had a single booking through them?

If they have approached you, please check up on them before you part with any money.  They were declared bankrupt in February this year yet have started up again.

I have more info but I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to write here ! !

Advice, please, Moderators !

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Never heard of them but I can't see why you should not, like here:


UPPS are still around and up to their old tricks, by the way.  I signed for a month's free trial, cancelled then got an invoice by email followed by a threatening reminder.  Told them where to shove it and threatened them with the DGCCRF.

Some French owners have recently had their knickers twisted over UPPS, too.


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