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Pool Alarms withdrawn - where does this leave us


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I don't want to get into a discussion about what is the best form of pool security but does anyone know where the pool alarm fiasco leaves those of us that now just have a non-conforming pool alarm.

I also have a friend who sent their Aquasensor back to MG to be rejigged and is still awaiting a replacement. They have paying guests arriving and no pool alarm.

What are we supposed to do?

I've done a google.fr search but can't find anything other than the fact that 5 of the 6 alarms are being withdrawn.  Meanwhile, of course, they are still being sold.....

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Here is the official position:

Les fabricants doivent définir dans les prochains jours les procédures

de mise en conformité, d’échange ou de remboursement en liaison avec

les pouvoirs publics.


Since then 15.7.2008 no reaction.



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the pool alarm where we stayed in Speracedes recently was such a pain - kept beeping through the night just outside our bedroom window, and triggered off by the automatic cleaning machine if it went too close. so we just switched it off, even with 5 young children (who could all swim well) were with us. The agent who poppoed in said they didn;t know how to regulate it- but said if anything happened it would be our fault as WE had switched it off. I don;t know if it was one of the alarms now 'illegal'.

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