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Tax D'habitation changes for Gites in 2008


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We are gite owners with a main house and 2 separate gites in the same grounds. In 2007 our TH was based on the main house only.

We have just received TH for 2008 which has increased by 344% and is now based on 3 separate houses.

Can anybody shed any light to these changes?


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Ah! the price of business !!

but to be serious, I have a colleague at the Conseul General in Charente Maritime, and from my conversations with her, the authorities are trying to extract a few sheckels from where ever they can, the gite business, more especially the expat run businesses who have been getting away with not paying their share, are now a definite target.. This conversation evolved from our discussion of a mutual friends 30 weeks booked already for 2009...

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I cannot comment on the % but my guess is that you have been lucky in the past.

Mine is based on both (main property and rental property).

If you have several properties, the taxe d'habitation is due on each.

[quote]Que vous soyez propriétaire, locataire ou occupant à titre gratuit, la taxe d'habitation est due pour votre habitation principale mais aussi pour votre résidence secondaire.                      Source[/quote]
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