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Changes to Micro enterprise...Any clarity yet?? and Q for Clair, forum moderator!!


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Apologies if this has been covered, but can't find answers!!  Has anyone had any claification for the new changes regarding the Micro Enterprise??  I have been to the Impots who say gites now have to have a  touristic classification (GdeF etc) yet the chamber of commerce tell me 'what changes??' no changes here, come back in August!  Now I know for the declaration for 2008in 2009 is still at the old rate, but 2009 in 2010 will be at the new rate of 50/50, so I am wanting to sort it out sooner rather than later as it also affect the RSI contributions which are already sky high! Do I need to go to the prefecture for a rating, jolly down to the Mairie or where???  No one I have spoken to seems to know.  Will keep chipping away at the impots site and post anything usefull I may come across, but if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.  If it helps I am a registered micro entreprise professional. Thanks

For Clair, I note from one of your postings that you had an inspection by the prefecture, can I pick your brains and ask what it involved and any costs etc if possible, many thanks in advance[:D]



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