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I have used them for years and they have provided a large number of bookings. I also subscribed to their French package last year.

However, I have noticed a diminishing number of enquiries from the UK and a marked increase of French and Belgian bookings via their link with the French site Abritel.

This, added to the poor exchange rate shown on their renewal page, helped me decide not to renew the advert and I opted  to advertise directly with Abritel instead.

Since the expiry date of the ad, Holiday-Rentals have contacted me regularly with increasingly large discount on the renewal rate to entice me back. Unfortunately for them, I have already received bookings for most of the summer weeks and I could have booked August five times over...

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Hi Guys & Gals,

Thought I`d give you some input from the other end - ie. a user.

For many years I have booked villas & gites through Agents and Chez Nous mag (their website is awfull to navigate) but after seeing this years Chez Nous catalogue I have turned my back on them and am a complete convert to both holiday-lettings.co.uk and holiday-rentals.co.uk as they both have stacks of properties and you can find just what you are looking for, especially if you know where you want to go (town, city or region).  I did try frenchconnections.co.uk but didn`t get on with it. 

The end result is that I have made 2 bookings for gites this year with the above websites and shall continue using them unless the quality/quantity of the gites changes or I eventually sum up the courage to fulfill my lifelong dream to make the move to France permanatly - though given the current stagnent housing market and owning my own business which also could not sell I guess I am stuck!


Cheers, Dan.

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