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p dowson

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Does anybody know of the best website to advertise a gite for rent?.  A gite that sleeps 2/4 so the revenue is not big so price is important.  Most of the ones I have vsited when doing a search for a gite that sleeps 2/4 I get all the gites sleeping up to 20 or more poeple.  In a popular area there are so many pages to look at I get bored and try another site. [8-)]
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We're at the cheap end of the market - our gites sleep 6/7.  We've found abritel.fr, 1000gites.com and pour-les-vacances.com the most effective for us - others will have other ideas and recommendations of course.

When we sourced our websites we simply entered the criteria of our gites into their search engines to see what they had - it also offered good indicators of price/level of equipment etc etc. 

Hope this helps.


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We have been with Welcome for 5 or 6 years now, our gite is small, 2 to 4 people max (2 double bedrooms) and we get almost continuous bookings and repeat visitors. They were the only company to take us on as it's a town gite, so certainly no complaints about their marketing for our property.

Email if you would like more info.
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