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UK holiday makers "staycations"


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[quote user="Théière"]

How are your advanced bookings doing?


Very nicely thank you because the French stayed at home as well in 2009 and judging by the amount of bookings I already have for 2010 they may be doing the same next year. I would say that my advance bookings for next year are at the highest they have ever been but as I said they are mainly French. This is not normal for the French, well for my buisness anyway, they normally book six to eight weeks before and we were already full so I suspect they are booking early to save disapointment. I have also said many times in the past that anyone in the holiday business (B&B, Gites etc in France) must be mad to rely on mainly UK guests. Two B&B's that opened in the last three years near us are up for sale, guess what nationality the owners are!

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