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After a year of work and a lot of expense I have just finished our Gîtes and chanbres d'hôtes - I am six months late and now need to get some strong advertising done to get clients.

We have rented apartments before for ten years, but things have changed and it seems very much quieter now and there are squiliions of websites wanting to take our money for advertising.

Can anyone suggest the better sites for advertising our home in languedoc?
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Why do people come to the Languedoc? We get most of our bookings from people who have been coming to France for several years and are looking for a new area to visit. So I would recommend  national / international web sites - not for me to say which one, although we use Chez Nous and find them very good. We did try http://www.aweekor2inlanguedoc.com/ when they had an offer for free advertising, and got one booking, but decided not to continue with them when the free period ended.

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Have you tried any of the free sites, I have found www.french-property.com pretty good, also have a look at www.creme-de-languedoc.com, you have to pay for this one but as far as I remember it's not very expensive. Good Luck!
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