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On behalf of google. Scam phone call


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Having gained so much useful info over the years its time I put something back to the Gite post's!!

Having spoken with other gite owners in another area of France who were targeted in Nov 2009 with calls following the same pattern as I received Dec and again yesterday.

She starts by saying that we are lucky to have our gite chosen out of thousands !!that as a representative of a googles marketing strategy they can guarantee our gite being on the first page of google, doh!!! she waffles on at length but goes cold as soon as you ask for en email explaining all thats on offer. No e mail arrives , then another call, she acts surprised I have not received the email and says I need to make a quick decision, I reply... send an e mail. No e mail arrives. I am aware of 2 people that sadly took the offer up!! the heard nothing after having sent the payment!So be aware, it is a scam.
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