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Setting up a website for gite rental


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Can anyone help me as I wish to set up my own website and make it available on a search engine to rent out my property in Burgundy. Is this difficult and expensive or is it easier to let an agency do it for you and if so can anyone recommend any. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Tia

Have you looked at independentowners.com?  They do templates especially for rental owners, and are extremely easy to produce a professional result (IMHO!) 

They will also provide you with SEO guidance to help get your website recognised by the search engines.

Good luck!

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I designed my website using moonfruit. I had no prior experience, but I'm told it's not bad. The nice thing about them is you can design a 5 page website for nothing, so you can do a trial run. A lot of the free trials want your credit card details up front and cancelling is a pain.
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