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Hi, we are looking to relocate from Hampshire, UK to France- likely the Limousin region- within the next year or so.

It is likely we are to buy a property with the potential to renovate outbuildings/ gites to provide rental accommodation.

We are not intending to undertake employment in France and the initial idea is to set up and run a gite and use this as our income.

How do you go about registering such a business- I.E is it easy to set up insurance, registering the business and so on and how do you go about declaring income (i.e do you register self employed as you would in the uk?)

Basically what is the easiest and legitimate way to go about setting up such holiday rentals and how easy is it.

I know this is jumping the gun a bot but we will start looking fo a property soon and therefore need to have it straight in our minds about what the rpoperty needs to have.

Any advice appreciated.
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