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Gites to be re-classified as Commercial properties


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Another thread which seems to have disappeared,]

In an article in FPN Jan 2010 it seems that under article 79(v) of Loi 2006-872, the prefecture of Paris is to get tough on homeowners who rent out their properties without proper authorisation. It appears that properties not classified as commercial cannot legally be rented out for periods of less than 1 year, unless to students(9 months) Max Fine 25000€

Homeowners who wish to continue with holiday lets must apply for re-classification as a commercially zoned property. Bonapart Consulting are advising their 300 clients to go into long term lets.

I have mentioned this to a property letting agent who has not heard of the law, and thinks it may apply only to Paris. I am not so sure, but can not see from Section 7 what is actually being said.Anyone else come across it?
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Many thanks. for the clarification.

I do seem however to remember seeing a similar thread on Total France . which I can no longer find, where a permission had to be sought from the authorities to rent out, which in essence prompted my original post. Hopefully I am dreaming!
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I have now found the item on Total France under the heading "Gites and possible fines if not registered". From Pomhorn who is usually pretty up to date.

Mention of a possible fine of 450€ under l'article 12 du dercret (NO 2009-1650) and article 24 de la loi No 2009-888. No doubt different from the Paris situation but worth investigating at least
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Unfortunately this applies to all large cities in France (over 150,000 people I think)

There were two articles in the Times recently:




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For update please see Clair's thread " Compulsory registration of gite/holiday rental.

I am not sure whether eventually they will be re-classified as commercial, but the registration part I mentioned previously appears to be correct.
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