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Naming a Gite


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We are really struggling to come up with a name for our Gite. It will be in a converted stone stable block in our garden - shown here in its pre-work form:


We're looking at targeting cyclists and fishermen as well as businessmen working in the nearby big towns and weekenders. It needs to appeal to both English and French and needs to work as a (available) web address!

We've come up with Le Grand Arbre (there's a huge Tulipier in the garden), Les Grandes Fenetres, Les Ecuries but none have really floated our boat!

Anyone any ideas?
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Thank you all for the suggestions - I too was a little worried about using ecurie - as it implies something a little 'rustic'...

Am liking Le Fleuve Tranquil - we have a spring in the garden so was thinking this could be La Source Tranquile...

PS The other pictures on Flikr are the inside of our house rather than what the Gite will look like unfortunately!
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[quote user="Sc"]If you're going to have a website, choose a domain name that includes your principle search terms.

Search Google for "gite in brittany" and you'll see what I mean.


It's a very good point - trouble is we'd be a bit limited as we're not on the tourist track. I think we going to stick with 'La Source Tranquille' and make sure we get plenty of keywords in.
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We chose Grands Gites Ruraux de la Charnie as a name and the following as domain name:


gites : because we have several

charnie : because it is the name of an important forest we are located in.

Kind regards !

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