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mon guide du loueur en meublé de tourisme


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This guide has just been sent to me by our regional tourisme office in La Rochelle. It is bang up to date and includes very detailed and informative information on owning a seasonal rental property including :

-Regional tourism statistics

-Creation of a seasonal rental property (including planning permission, normes of security - smoke alarms, disabled access, pools, bunk beds, swings, balconies, staircase etc)

-Fiscal regimes, taxes (mcro enterprise, tx fonciere, tx sejour, impot / revenue etc)

-Classification (with a second brochure detailing the new classification procedures and exactly what you have to have to be classified)


-useful numbers/addresses etc

It is an invaluable document to have and I'd recommend asking you regional conseil general tourism dept for a copy (assuming it's not just the Charente Maritime who have published it) The facts and figures are accurate and up to date unlike most info you find on the internet. It will answer most questions that have been cropping up on the forum.
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