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What abonnement for telephone in a gite?


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We don't have phones in the gites!  We're on site so there is a phone available should anyone need it (no-one has thus far), but in this day and age everyone has a mobile so there seems to be little point in having a landline in the gite at all.  I think GdF have it as a requirement, but I was told by the GdF lady when I enquired about joining, that having one available somewhere would be enough.

I've stayed in a lot of gites, and I can only recall one (Brit-owned) with a phone, which didn't work anyway!

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Aaaaaaaah!  We do let them use our wifi (if they ask - they need the access codes in order to get on) - but on the proviso that they don't bung up the bandwidth downloading movies etc.  I make it clear that I will disconnect them if they do!  No problems so far, but then, not many ask for it, even though I say it is available in all the blurbs. 

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