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Gite for May and for June


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Hi - we're on our way to our annual gardening labours in Provence May/June and we'll be looking for a quality gite on the way down the last week of May (Burgundy or slightly north) and also on the way back mid June (Sarthe would be ideal) in each case for a week.

It would be nice to stay at a Forum member's property but if that doesn't work out can anyone recommend the best sites to search on?


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Thanks for the tip Cooperlola:  in fact the house looked so good on the website I contacted the owner but unfortunately it's fully booked in June.

Although I have seen on other threads that the gite business is tough, it's remarkably hard to find a good property in a good location.......


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I have already removed several posts from this thread and a reminder is clearly required:

As per the forum Code of conduct, please DO NOT advertise your goods or services on the boards.

If you wish to help the poster with your offers of accommodation, please do so by PM or email.

Forum Moderators.

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