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The family is looking at purchasing a gite complex in the Ariege but we are very confused regarding SARL and the relevant taxes. I am hoping someone may be able to and would be kind enough to offer some advice.

The current turnover is between 100-130 thousand euros. There would be a total of four adults living/working there at least part time. We are very concerned about advice we have received which stated ''Sàrl requires investing capital and paying 50% of salaries in "contributions sociales".

Any advice would be extremely appreciated

Best Regards

Rob Mclean
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Hi Rob,

I'm sure there are lots of people on this forum who can give you advice but it would probably help if you disclosed a bit more about what you are doing.

From what you have said so far, all I can say is that a SARL does require some capital investment as far as I know - see the link for more: http://www.apce.com/pid589/sarl.html

As for social contributions, any employer, whether registered under the SARL regime or not, has to pay contribution sociales for all employees. I'm guessing that what concerns you here is how you 'pay' the 4 adults who will be living/working at the gite complex. That is what you really need to get right.

Try doing some research in the archives of this forum and also look at some of the books available in English on setting up businesses in France - see the Living France bookshop.

Hope this is a start for you!

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Hello Ariège Author,

Thank you for your reply.

We would be buying and then running the property which consists of gites, campsite, bed and breakfast, restaurant and a banqueting hall for weddings.

The property has been run down to around the 100k due to a divorce (apparently), so from the little I understand this rules out the Auto-Entrepreneur. We would all be hands on deck and running the business full time, I would also be running my website design company remotely with the assistance of current staff.

I have been told SARL requires capital investment, I assume this does not refer to the purchase of the business?

I will continue to research and try to keep my hair in tact in the process.

Thank you again for your response.

Best Regards


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I think you are going to need an accountant... There are too many things to consider and although I run a sarl it is still very complex.

As far as I know, you will run it as a sarl if you purchase the 'business' in shares rather than personally own it.  You also need to purchase the walls.. SCI.

You would need to know who is the majority holder, and do all the books.  You may find that you dont want a salary at the end of the day.

Maybe spending a few grand in the first year on an accountant will get you to grips with it all..


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