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Pool security covers compatible with ladders?


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         We're interested in installing a bar type pool security cover system and have seen a few on ebay which seem to offer good value ( both new and used ).We also have external pool ladders which are fixed  on the narrow side opposite to where the cover would unroll .

Having contacted one supplier he said ( I think ) that the ladders were not compatible with this type of system . My question is , is this true in general or does it just apply to his range.If so, and we remove the ladders is this an acceptable result for  most pool users? Would they be happy to enter the pool 'sans echelles ' . This is our first pool which we are restoring from a badly degraded situation and I hope in future to be renting out the house ( hence the need for a proper security system ) . All advice welcome .

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yes i agree we would fit a ladder which can fold back or can be removed when the cover goes on.

be careful of a second hand cover, make sure you get a cirtificate of conformity

if you want an idea of costs let me know


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