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Hors sol pools

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I need to order one of these in the next day or so.  Reading other posts I have more or less decided against the ones with a blow up ring around the top and also the ones with a metal frame so I am probably looking at one with metal sides which we can possibly build a wooden shell for at some point.  I'm looking at a smallish one, probably about 5m round or a little larger if I go for an oval one. 

Having had a standard in-ground pool when we lived in Spain and having seen the various problems neighbours had with their various systems I have a few definite requirements, ie a sand filter and a skimmer.  The Intex ones come with the skimmer but only a cartridge filter (which I would prefer NOT to have) and GRE appear to come with the sand filter or with a cartridge skimmer but not both.  I may be reading the information incorrectly and therefore wonder if anyone has either of these systems and can comment on them or give me some advice?

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We have an Intex cartridge filter system  with a skimmer and it needs to be changed every month at least as they do get soiled. You can actually wash them and re-use them once the bits and pieces have been removed but at only a few euros each its not worth the cost of the water. Never had any trouble in the past three years although next year we may change to a more permanent fixture and larger than the 6m.
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