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AK Plastic Pool Pipes

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My pool pipes are all branded as "AK" and I need to replace a couple of fittings. I have tried all of my local pool suppliers in the Aude and Herault and I'm unable to come up with anything that fits. I have found fittings that are the correct dimensions but they have a totally different thread size! Any help that can be offered would be very much appreciated. Thanks, David[:)]

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What exactly are you trying to replace?

I had to replace a leaking shut off c o c k and finished up having  to cut the flange off the old one because the nut was a different thread to the new one. It's easy enough to do either with a dremel and cutting disk or a hacksaw, I used the Dremel. BUT you have to be VERY careful that you only go through the flange and not the pipe as well. Once cut you can remove the old flange and nut with a screwdriver and knockometer (hammer to you [:D]).

If that is the case it doesn't matter whose fittings you use as long as it's the same diameter.

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