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pointing carrelage around a pool

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I'm at the stage of pointing carrelage around the pool. The joints are quite wide > 20mm. Wifey favours a lime/sand (sable de mer) mix (because of the colour - sort of 'off sand'), I favour normal washed sand/cement (because of the price, the other is x5 plus). Has anyone used a lime morter mix around a pool? Any pros/cons that I could use as an argument against.

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Hi crazy frog, you should post this on the swimming pool forum for more info. Personally I think its a bad idea as if you have a chlorine pool it will disolve the lime everytime it gets wet.

Quality exterior grout costs more but is a modified polymer and is more resistant to chemical attack. You can get it in a range of colours, ton pierre is probably close to what you want.  As the joint are quite large you could add fibre to the mix to help prevent cracking.

Bon courage

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Weber Joint is the best you can use, there are cheaper brands of the same thing, it depends where oyu are and what suppliers you can find.

Teapots remarks apply equally to chlorine direct and to salt chloine pools as they are the same thing- they both have chlorine in them.




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