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When to winterise...

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Our pool guy closes our pool when the water temps is 14 or below - 6 yrs on and no problems.

Like you say "another job done" although I always feel a little sad when its closed up, then again the vendage will begin :-) 

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I am surprised that some people have already winterised their pools. IMO with current temperatures in South Eastern UK at 19C today, I would anticipate them being as high in most of France it is far too early to winterise. It should be not be considered until the ambient temperature is a least below 15C or even better closer to10C. Being impatient to close too soon could result in loads of problems next Spring.



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Once again I find my self agreeing with Teapot, Baz et al

And very much at odds with 'practice' of pool maintenace in France;

I choose 10°C water temperature as the trigger to close.

Why? its very simple, above 10°C algea will still multiply and below they will not, (they are dormant). SO if you winterise too early then you are complelled to use even nastier chemical than usual to keep the water clean. If yu wait a little then the job can be done just with a chlor choc treatment - nothing else is required.

None of these pool manitenance firms here have a clue why they are doing what they are doing it seems, just doing things to suite the need for work.



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