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Closing Pool for Winter


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[quote user="Sharkster"]Just checked the readings of my pool before closing and I have a ph of 6.6 and TA of 49.  Does this need increasing before closing?  It is a above ground pool with a liner.


Its absolutely imperative that you take great care of your pH (and therefore total alkalinity) during the winter period.

This year we had more calls than usual complaining about wrinkled liners, the prime suspect has been pH out of balance for a long period.

There is no solution to a wrinkled liner once it has 'grown' due to this problem. I am guessing but with some imperial data I can say that I accuse the rainfall in France over past year of being heavily acidic. This will case an immediate imbalance in any pool and if left uncheck will result in the damage to liners as described above.

As everyone knows, the most rain falls in Autumn and winter, this is also the time when no one wants to pay attention to their pool during that time - hence the problem.

So Sharkster

Raise the TA to 180ppm which will take you about 3 days from where you are ( a little Bicarb at a time) and then balance the pH at 7.3 and only then say 'nighty night Mr Pool'

Less than a month till Christmas have a merry ole time.



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Thank you both for the advice.  I have raised both the PH and TA as described and the pool is now closed!

Finishing levels were PH 7.6 TA 170, so a little different from what Pool Guy suggested, but only read this now.  Also I used Bayrol PH+ and follow the instructions and added 1kg of PH+ to increase the PH and TA in a 10m cubed pool.

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