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Idiots guide please?

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I will own my first french property (second home) by the end of the month and I am sure that there are people on here who have been through all this before so a number of silly questions spread over a number of sections, if you will indulge me.

The property I am purchasing has a pool and a pump in the pool house (garden shed).  I have never had a pool before and know absolutely nothing about their upkeep.  I am assuming that there will be no instruction book present when we take possession.

Is there a complete idiots guide please that would highlight what needs to be done or is it best in the long run to call in a professional the first time to effectively prepare the pool for summer and teach me how to operate it?

Thanks in advance.

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There are so many posting covering swimming pools, that some of the comments should be of great help to you. I remember when I first had a pool that the guidance of a pool professional was so invaluable and I have learnt so much over the years from both my professionals and comments on this and other sites. If you are unsure, I would recommend you use services of a good recommended pool man at least for the first time you open and close, watch carefully and you will learn most of what you need to know. They will also advise on the chemicals and the testing you need to know during the season and hopefully you will not have the dreaded green pool. One most important immediate action  if you are in any area where temperatures freeze is to ensure that your pool has been winterised, the water level has been lowered and the pump and pipes have had the water drained.

In the meantime put "swimming pools" into search and you should have masses of material advise. Any specific problems just post as there are many pool owners to reply. Hope all goes well with you new French home.



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