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Sorry - pool security again

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I have tried to search but have found no specific answers.

My new house has a pool.  Its currently under a winter security cover but there is an alarm for summer.  There is also a summer cover.  The house and pool will be used solely by myself, my wife, our 3 adult sons and their wives.  At present (and circumstances may change in which case my attitude may change) I can foresee no children being in the house.  It is not possible to get into the garden with the pool unless one trespasses on someone elses land and climbs the fence.  I have 100% absolutely no fears for the safety of the people using my house and pool but wish to be legal at minimum cost or at least understand the risks.

I assume that for periods when we are not "in residence" we will need to put the winter cover back on but my question is am I actually illegal if "in residence" with just the summer cover and alarm but gone shopping or out for the day.

I have a feeling I may not like the answers but thanks anyway in advance.

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A subject shrouded in controversy and urban myth.

You must have your conforming to NF P90 307 alarm fitted and working all the time. If you remove the alarm and fit your winter cover, the cover must conform to the Norms NF P90-308

This is irrespective of who may or may not use your pool legally or otherwise.

If you re-fit your winter cover whilst you are not there in the summer, the temprature under the cover will mean algae will grow at an alarming rate also bacteria can too. Sunlight U.V. kills a lot of bacteria (that's why UV is used in some situations).

In answer to you question: If you are in residence, but actually out shopping, if your alarm is fitted and working you are complying with the law with or without the summer cover.

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I am no lawyer,

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

IMO if you were present and did not respond within 3 mins that would be different.

It's right about now that this subject starts getting everyone fired up [:D]

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