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new pool purchase

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I'm going to buy an overground pool but am at a bit of a loss as to which is best on a small budget.

I'm thinking about an Intex metal frame one 4m57x1m22 , price is 447 euros

(You can see it on http://www.piscine-autoportante.fr/piscine-metal-frame-457-p-822.html if you want)

I'm thinking of this because there are a lot of cats about and I'm worried about a blow up one but does anyone have any experience of this pool and is it a good price? And will my twelve year old and her mates be able to actually swim in it? And is it easy to put together?

Any tips appreciated!


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Hi, we have just purchased an Intex Metal side pool 16 foot diameter and 4 foot deep.  Not good with metric, but I think ours will be ok for a paddle and cool down, but not for actual swimming. I'm 1.70m in height 5 Foot 8", so if you try and think of it that way, you will prob only get a few kicks and then you will be there.   I have a 10 year old and 9 year old.  I bought the metal frame in hope that it will be stronger and less likely to puncture.  Seems a good price.  We have yet to put it up, as it says in the instructional video, to leave in the sun for a few hours to get the liner to warm up and be more pliable, but it's rained the last few weekends.
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We had one of those pools, and it was great fun - tho' you can't have a proper swim ( unless you go in circles!). the only problem was, when we put it away for the winter, mice got to it and chewed several holes!! We had a bit more cash the next year, so now we have a 7.5m x 4.5m solid-sided above ground pool. Now the bottom has a few "dips" in the sand, due to moles!!


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Thanks for your comments. I'm now the proud owner of this pool, but got it for less than 300 euros from a company called Zyke -on their website it's about 450 but if you buy it from one of their shops it's much cheaper.(I think it's limited stock at last year's prices) There are 3 outlets around Bordeaux, one near Angouleme and a couple of others I think.

Just got to level the ground now...

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