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Pool temp still at 10 degrees

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Not a major problem i know!! however everyone else i know with a pool has been bragging that their water temp is up to 20 odd degrees or more!!! We do not have a solar summer cover but our pool is in the sun for at least 8hrs a day!

A friend said running the pump through the day will increase the water as it is circulating the top warm water???? we normally run ours at night to keep costs down, would this help?


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I can't believe for a moment that your pool is only 10deg and if you have a thermometer which says it is then I suggest you buy a new one !

My own pool, and those of friends, are all somewhere the region of 22/24 and we border 24.

For yours to be only 10deg then you would have had to have experienced several days and nights of that sort of temperature which I'm presuming is not and cannot be the case if your friends are reporting 20+

Circulating at night might accelerate heat loss but not to the extent that you imply.

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