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Replacing leaking valve without emtying pool


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Hi ,

         A leak has developed in the valve which brings the water from the pool base into the filter pump (bonde de fond ) . It seems to be a crack running along the body of the valve - when I open or close the valve the water sprays out ; when its left opened or closed there is a heavy dripping . I can attempt to seal the leak but would prefer to replace the valve . However I cant get my head round which combination of valve settings and position on the vanne 6 voies might allow the valve to be isolated .

                                    Can anyone lighten my darkness ?


                                                                             Many thanks

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Your dilemma depends on whether your pump and filtration system is

below the pool level or above. The various feeds from the pool (bond de

fond, skimmers, vac, etc) come in before the sand filter so altering

the multi-valve has no effect at all, it's irrelevant. If your 'local

technique' is above the water level then no problem, disconnect the

valve, cut the pipe and replace the valve. If it is below water level

(which it sound like it is) then you will need to block off the water

supply before you can cut the pipe and replace the valve. You will need

to run the pump with the bond de fond valve only open and then get

someone to dive in the pool and put something like a frisbee over the

bond which should suck on with the vacuum and then cut and change the

valve before re-opening. Good luck!

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