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Zodiac Indigo Pool cleaner


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Has anyone been able to locate a spares supplier with reasonable prices. The traction belts seem to have sretched beyond their elastic limit and keep pulling the little black rubber flaps off. The foam rollers self destruct and at 28 E they're not cheap. The filter bag also doesn't seem to be that efficient either.

Would I buy another .....

Computer says "No"

but I'm stuck with it
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We got one of these from Desjoyaux in Niort and I am sure they would be able to get spares but don't know if the price would be reasonable I am afraid. There might be a branch closer to you, worth a look!...........................JR

PS Lots of sites like this http://www.france-accessoires-piscines.fr/achat/piscine-zodiac-indigo-2439.html with prices which seem lower than some though I have had no experiences with this firm. I just did a search using Robot Indigo Zodiac pieces de rechange

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