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Maintenance book/manual for swimming pool


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Can anyone recommend a book/manual for maintenance for swimming pools. I have a 10 x 5metre pool that up until now has been maintained by someone who is retiring. I have never got involved before, so I need something that covers all the basics. I never did science at school, so need something very plain and simple.



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Hi Polly,

The pool uses chlorine, a standard pump,and no heating. It has both winter and summer covers. During the summer the pool is up and running from June to September, temperatures rangeing from 22 degrees up to 29. It does not appear to use too much in the way of chemicals, and needs only a quick hoover clean once a week. Thanks for your interest.

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A good introduction is to buy "The Home Owners Swimming Pool Handbook." published by SPATA ( the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association  UK) which will cover most if not all of your needs at a cost of £10.


Another suggestion is to search this site which has many answers and also look at specific swimming pool forum sites, the USA is very good for this.

Finally why not  speak to your retiring pool maintenance person as you should learn masses of useful information. Once you master the techniques it is a fairly easy to maintain as long as you follow the basic rules.


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My pool bible is The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual by Terry Tamminen. It covers just about everything. It was first published in 1995 and the 2nd edition in 2000. There are some new things out since then but the pool chemistry is still the same. I just had a look on Amazon, it's still available but a bit more than the other one mentioned.. It's on amazon.fr too


It was not that price when I bought mine! It is very good though. 600 pages long with lots of gen.

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