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repairs to webbing on pool cover


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Our gites pool has a conforming security cover, the blue sort, like a heavy duty tarp that fixes with webbin straps into the pool terrace concrete. We've had it 5 years.

The webbing strap that you use to pull the cover back over the pool (ie to close it) has broken - it has broken about a foot from the roller end. Probably where it takes the most strain.

Does anybody know how on earth we go about fixing/solving this before the season?  I cant see that hand sewing it is going to be anywhere near strong enough, the sewing machine could I supose be taken poolside but I doubt that a double thickness will go under the machine and we cant take it anywhere because its all attached. We cant take the strap off either, it means drilling out the rivets and that would invalidate it anyway. No way can we afford a new cover, we are barely staying alive as it is.

I hope this makes sense. Thousands of thes covers were sold , I cant be the only one with this problem surely?

Does anybody have any ideas at all?

Thank you

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