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I am looking at purchasing a pool cleaner for my inground pool as am fed up of the balai system through the filtration. Don't really want or afford to fork out 900 euros or therabouts for an electric one and have seen a battery operated cleaner for 199 euros called a pool Buster Max, basically an underwater vacuum cleaner. Looks pretty good but would like to know if anyone has come across one or used/has one.


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We bought a Poolbuster a couple of years ago. It lasted less than one summer. So unless the design has changed, I wouldn't waste your money.

It was fine for cleaning the odd bit of debris on the pool floor (we got it to save chucking in the electric pool robot for a small amount of muck), but the on/off switches also acts as access for the charging lead, and doesn't make a watertight fit. Ours is a saltwater pool, so corrosion set in quickly and it just gave up the ghost within a month or two.

We've now purchased a pool robot as a standby to the electric unit. it's a Hayward, and yes it does operate via the balai outlet, but it is fully automatic and does the job reasonably well. (And is far cheaper than the equivalent electric robot) For odd bits and pieces we reverted to using the sweeper via the balai connection - it doesn't take long.

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I belive the typhoon range comes with foam cleaner rollers which I don't think do as good a job as the flappy neoprene type fitted to Aquabot or Tigershark. In most other respects the cleaners are very similar and do work well but will repeatedly clean the same areas unless you change the route the robot takes. They really do clean well though.

On another point the re-baged Desjoyaux robot (possibly typhoon but with a few € added for Desjoyaux, the roller has additionally two larger foam rollers at the ends of each cleaning roller which means the rollers do not make contact with the pool liner at all. So that just vacuums and does't brush.

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