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As events in our life will shortly be changing, i.e. retirement and ability to spend a lot more time at our house in France so the thought of a pool is much stronger so trying to get an idea of price and way to go.

There are spectacular views from the house but unfortunately, part of the view is only seen from two of the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Our idea was to have an extension with a lot of glass added at one end of the house for the views and also to have a pool installed elsewhere.

Subsequently, the idea of a large abri over the pool with sufficient space to sit, eat etc, connected to the house, is getting some prominence.

We would be grateful for any advice, views etc on the following based on the fact that the land is very much clay:

What are the pros and cons of going fibreglass versus concrete filled ‘frame’ and liner.

People that have an abri (one that can be used as a living area as well) how do you find it, especially condensation, usability etc – and if I can be very cheeky and you are in 31, 32, 65 etc would it be possible to have a look.

An abri connected to the house – does it count towards the over 170m2 whereby an architect is required.

We shall only be at the house for part of the year so thought for convenience salt with auto dosing – is this the way to go.

Any other things we need to consider?

Also what is an approximate cost of an 8m x 4m salt pool with autodosing etc

Many thanks


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