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Blokit kit pools


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Has anyone else out there any experence of installation of a Blokit kit pool?I am thinking of an 8mx 4m pool with a roman end/steps.

Is it really feasible as a DIY project?What are the costs involved?

Prices in France for this kind of product seem all over the place but I have to replace an above ground pool that was "semi-enterred" and is now in poor condition. My home is in the Cote D`Or, Burgundy.
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I haven't built a Procopi PPP, it is unlikely that I would. What I do not like about the Procoppi PPP is the use of top and bottom concrete ring beams with a gravel infill between. This does still allow for ground movement and could still lead to the pool being gradually crushed or at least bowing of the walls. There may come a time when you need to empty you pool for some reason or a leak in the liner occurs and the water drains away over winter. Any ground movement would cause severe and expensive restoration work. This does happen, I have spoken to a couple of civil engineers who have, as I have, come to the conclusion if the structure cannot be left empty it should not be built. 

Procoppi also make pools from polystyrene blocks (blokit) which are infilled with reinforced concrete making them both insulated and very strong, with the availability of these in France for me it is an easy decision.

Good luck with the build.
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